Low Quality of Life in UK

Quality of life in UK is the worst in Europe - even lower than in Poland. That is because high levels of crime, violence, and the soaring cost of living.

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A study put UK at the lower position of the 10 countries in Europe, although some of these countries have lower incomes. Welfare in Poland, France, Spain, and Italy is lower than the UK. However, generally they are happier. Only five percent of British people who claim to be happy, while another 10 percent wanted to migrate to other countries.

 The study include 16 factors, including net income, taxes, basic necessities price including fuel, food, and energy, and attention to lifestyle such as length of exposure to sunlight, proper vacation, hours of work, and life expectancy.

"Long working hours, low number off days per year, and the high number of retirees is a bleak picture for those who live in Britain," according to uSwitch.com, the price-comparison sites - which conducted the study. "We also feel food high prices and diesel fuel that is equivalent with gasoline price at the same time feels a little sunlight exposure."

As many as 59 percent of poll participants claimed to worry about a broken society as happened last summer with riot increasing in various cities and regions in the UK. Then, 49 percent said rising living costs as expenses, while 47 percent said they were concerned about levels of crime and violence.

Current household net income average are £ 38,547, higher than in France £ 31,767, £ 25,601 in Italy and in Spain 23 389. While in Poland only £ 8759. However, the quality of life in countries said to be better than in England.

France was on the top position for three consecutive years, followed by Spain and Italy. While Poland in seven positions.

UK people enjoy an average of 28 days holiday a year, while in France 36 days and in Poland and Sweden for 38 days. Spain is the highest with more than 39 days holiday per year.

While the average pensioner in Britain 63 years old, higher than in Poland are 59 and French or Italian about 60 year old.

Health costs in the UK 4.8 percent of gross domestic product, which means lower than the average from 10 other countries 5.54 percent. Instead of 7.6 percent in Sweden and in Denmark by 8.4 percent.

Average age in UK is 80.4 years, 81.4 years in France, in Italy 81.6 years and 81.9 years in Spain. Only in Poland is low, at 76.2 years.

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