Boo - Dog with 2 Million Fans

He's not a television drama star, or actor or pop singer, he's only pet dogs, but has a fan in the fan page up to nearly 2 million, i.e. 1.79 million fans.

Boo - 2 Million Fans
Boo has a Facebook fan page since 2009. Initially, JH Lee made Facebook fan page for Boo, because the entire Lee friend has idolized Boo.

"My friends really liked Boo photos,” said Lee, as reported by Dailymail, Friday (09/23/2011).

However, Boo cute face attracts many Facebook users. In one day Boo Facebook, fan page like by thousands of people.

Even famous celebrities such as Ke$ha and Khloe Kardashian fell in love with five years Pomenarian dog. Last year, Boo images downloaded to Khloe personal blog. Meanwhile, Ke$ha, mentioned in a Twitter account, that Boo is her new boyfriend.

Boo is now busy promoting his own book entitled _The Life of the Cutest Dog in the world_. This book contains an exclusive Boo photo that does not appear on Facebook. Boo funny picture at rest, playing, or when visiting the countries in the world, all neatly organized by Lee in this book.

This book price is USD 8, 99 expected to be bestseller.

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