Small Business - Money is The Main Factor

To start your own small business, money is not the main factor. So often we read many books from various sources that say so. Many suggestions from those who have succeed with their small business; the desire (dream) is the most important thing to start a small business.

However, tips from even say otherwise. They say that capital or money, at the first level you must take to start and run your own business.

Saving the money. Collect as much money as you possibly can get before you start it. Many of them, small business beginners who started his business with very little capital, they used money borrowed from friends, family or banks. They do not fully realize that it takes months or even years to pay it off, taken from the profits that they make, if in the first year of small business can reach benefits.


Nevertheless, what if in the first year of new businesses are still not able to make a profit? The lender will definitely refuse to lend if they think the business does not fit with their expectations. Business owners, then it should mortgage the house or use a credit card to pay the loan. This will certainly add to the burden of business owners.

Prepare your best plan before you start a small business will keep you from the risk of bankruptcy. The simplest plan is to prepare the money, including the cost of the necessities of life for the first year or even two years. Therefore, if things happen to your small business, you are ready for it, you have found the best way out to get help from a variety of problems and stay focused on the success of small business you have started.

My best advice, not easily influenced by a variety of lucrative advertising, including the opinion of businesspersons who advised to have a small business with little capital or no capital. Think well, create a master plan and do it

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