Ponzi Scheme - No Product To Sell

No business without marketing and no marketing without product. It’s the principle that I hold and keep well in running the business, both online and offline.. At least I was in a secure area of the money game business or Ponzi scheme that often comes under the guise of investment.

I often get emails about investment business opportunity. I think you often get it. Different business name, the money invested was different too. The same just one, its business model both follow the pattern or Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi scheme is a term used by the world community to define an illegal pyramid business system, where the profits earned by someone who joined in a company (usually an investment company) is coming from new people who joined the company.

So that businesses with Ponzi scheme usually does not have a product, and therefore lead to more investment model. Cash flow to pay investors profits not from selling one product but from the new member registration fee. Always so on.

The longer run, this system will bear a greater burden. The more people join, the more benefits that should be given. To close it, it takes MORE NEW VICTIMS.

Clearly in this case there is no benefit at all to follow business with this Ponzi scheme. To better understand, you can read the economic analysis presented so well by brother Yohan Naftali on the Ponzi scheme, associated with the greatest Ponzi businessman who had just arrested some time ago, Maddof.

The term Ponzi himself was taken from the name of the character, namely Giovanni Pietro Carlo Guglielmo Tebaldo known as Charles Ponzi Ponzi. He is the first person who doing business with the scheme are as described above. You can search on google with “Ponzi Scheme” keyword, many site discuss about Charles Ponzi.

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