Kegel exercises for men

Kegel exercises provide a tremendous benefit to control premature ejaculation in men (edi) and reached multiorgasme. If you want to reach the peak of pleasure, now is the time to train the pelvic muscles.

For those who want to achieve extraordinary climax, it's time to practice Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are not just for women, but also recommended for men. Why? With diligent practice Kegel, a man was allegedly able to control the occurrence of premature ejaculation. Wow!

A UK study reported by Men's Health, Wednesday (10/3/2010), found that traditional medicine to treat erectile dysfunction is to strengthen the pelvic muscles. This is a drug for men who can not draw their "weapon". The study examined 55 impotent men, where as many as 40 percent of those practicing Kegel every day for 6 months. The result, they return to normal sexual function.

Kegel exercises for men

 Kegel exercises during penetration movements using muscle contractions similar to when you resist the urge to urinate. Hold your muscles for about 10 seconds, remove the back. Then, hold the thigh muscle in several counts, press, and release your PC muscle (pubococcygeus), slowly but surely.

Also during sex, you can practice Kegel exercises regularly at anytime. At the beginning of the exercise, try to count consistently. This exercise can be done with 18 contractions every single session. Do it while sitting, or lying down. And relax your pelvic muscles after exercise. No doubt, you will feel the change in the performance of Mr P.

"Unless you have back pain, all men with premature ejaculation can perform pelvic muscle exercises," said Grace Dorey, Ph.D., author of the study.

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