Arriving in Bali, Paramore Warmly Welcomed Hundreds of Fans

Bands from the United States, Paramore arrive at the Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, on Monday (15/08/2011) at around 15:30 pm. They were warmly greeted hundreds of fans who have called Parawhores.

Although the sun is very hot, fans are predominantly young women were seen keep the spirit. While waiting for Hayley Williams cs manifest themselves, they sing songs with compact Paramore hits.

Supposedly, some representatives of fans get the chance to welcome the three personnel Paramore with draping garlands to them. But because too many Parawhores at the airport, it is nevertheless carried out.

Dozens of security personnel leading Paramore personel coming out through a special door. Hayley Williams is seen wearing a red jacket, kept walking, looking down toward the waiting vehicle.

Fans who fail to meet in person was only able to scrutinize their idol through the car window.

Paramore will hold a concert on August 17 at GWK, Bali and at Carnival Beach Ancol, Jakarta on 19 August. To show at Ancol, Showmaxx Entertainment promoters prepare 2 thousand extra tickets Festival class C which sold for IRD 250 thousand.

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