Microsoft Money History

Microsoft Money is a personal financial manager software made by Microsoft. The software is built for Microsoft Windows operating system that runs on any IBM PC or compatible, although it is now also available an application that is used for Microsoft's Windows Mobile. The latest version, released in August 2007, called Microsoft Money Plus, available in four editions: Essentials, Deluxe, Premium, and Home & Business.

There are several versions of Microsoft Money in circulation, if viewed from the language it uses, American English, British United Kingdom, France, Canada, Japan, and England international. However, in 2006, Microsoft announced not to release Microsoft Money 2006 for the UK market International, UK United Kingdom, and French. Localized editions were never updated anymore since Microsoft Money 2005 version, and according to Microsoft, will continue to receive updates until at least 2008. For the Canadian version, which circulated the final version is Microsoft Money 2006.

In previous years, Microsoft Money is also available for some countries other than those mentioned above, such as Germany and Italy. However, the versions do not proceed with development.
The first version of Microsoft Money dates back to 1991 and was originally part of the Microsoft Home series.

To celebrate the release of Windows 95 and to promoting the benefits of native Windows 95 applications, Exchange 95 is available as a free web download from the Microsoft website between August 24, 1995 and October 31, 1995. Users also have the option to pay $ 9.95 USD plus tax (for Americans) or $ 14.95 CAD plus taxes (for Canadians) to CD-ROM or 3.5 "floppy disk media together with hard copy user manual for promotional period.

It asks whether through mail-in promotional card (distributed at the store) or call Microsoft directly. version (moneyweb.exe) freely downloadable version 3.5 is the same as paid "floppy disk, but no user manual available.

CD-ROM Multimedia Catalog (electronic catalog of Microsoft products are available at the time) and online user manuals. Users who take advantage of Microsoft Money (media cost + shipping cost) not only accept the version retail box, but the same contents as those sold in stores. Windows NT 3.51 also supported

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