Mark Halperin

Mark Halperin, Time magazine's editor at large and its leading political journalist, is also a regular commentator on the MSNBC cable news network.

Halperin, a senior political analyst for Time magazine, veteran political reporter and the author of the best-selling Game Change was appearing on Thursday, January 30th on “Morning Joe,” a talk show that celebrates free-wheeling debate about politics.

Halperin took a deep breadth and called President Obama a “dick” on live tv. Scarborough's new executive producer had apparently failed to hit the 7-second edit button in time, despite Halperin’s warning and Scarborough’s egging his chief analyst on.

We are not friends of Halperin.

Mark Halperin

I have sympathy for anyone who says something stupid into a microphone — any politician, pundit, or nervous best man who makes an inane wedding toast.

Mark Halperin, Time magazine's senior political analyst and a frequent commenter on MSNBC, was suspended by the cable network this week for using a locker-room profanity to critique President Obama's latest press conference.

I once called a man who had survived a shooting in a shopping mall by the name of the man who had done the shooting. Every producer I've ever worked with has a favorite story about some idiotic thing that I've inexplicably said.

Mark Halperin apologized almost immediately. When Mr. Halperin delivers reasoned analysis, he gets a few thousand hits.

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