Google+ Shut Down Invites Function

Google pending current users sending out Google+ invitation yesterday, saying it had generated "insane demand".

Vic Gundotra, the chap leading Google's social network charge, posted on Google+ that the firm had stop the invite function due to high request. CNet News reports that Google+ will soon make available access to developers.

Google has thrown its hat into the social networking ring with Google+. Or rather, it’s throwing the latest of several hats into the ring, the previous hats having been stomped into wads of filthy felt scraps.
The most usual response to Google+ that I’ve heard is, “Good, I hate Facebook.” This is from people already using Facebook.. We’re on Facebook because everyone else is on Facebook. In this way, Facebook imitates life.

 We become a member of Facebook because our friends do, and they bug us, and eventually it’s just easier to sign up than not sign up. In short, we all want to be popular, well-loved, well-connected hermits.
Google+ might strike the big time by surfing the wave of Facebook resentment at the same time as eluding dead rats and discarded styrofoam cups

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