Lamborghini Madura

His name is very familiar for the Indonesian people, MADURA, hahaha yes that's a concept car designed by Slavche Tanevski. he gave the name of this car with one of Madura in Indonesia, but rather refers to the areas rich madura lol anyway, first name he said Ankonian, but because of something or another to change its name jd 2016 Lamborghini Madura.

With the black color is very striking with a futuristic design by not leaving the hallmark of a sports car lamborghini, lamborghini madura this is it. Black, Sharp and fabulous ... ..

Lamborghini Madura

Not restrain dah lamborghini for car enthusiasts to wait for the arrival of this car is planned to be realized later in 2016.

Does this car look familiar to you?

* Note from Chris Burns: This car was originally named the "Madura", when in fact it is called Ankonian. This is really my fault, as a designer, Tanevski, has created two similar designs.

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