Bellin Run

Bellin Run Focus on health and overall well-being

The Bellin Run is a 10K (6.2-mile) race held annually on the east side of Green Bay, Wisconsin, just outside Bellin Memorial Hospital, the race's founding organization.

The first Bellin 10K was held on June 12, 1977 and was known as the Bellin Heartwarming Run designed to promote cardiovascular fitness and wellness. The run was intended to be a one-time event to help celebrate the dedication of the hospital's newly constructed additions. The run drew 881 participants.

bellin run start

The following January, Bellin began receiving calls about when the next running event would be scheduled. Bellin officials decided to hold a second run, titled the Bellin 10K Run, to see if it would be as successful as the first. More than 1,100 runners participated in the second run and a new tradition was born.

Over the years the event has grown in stature and overall participation. By 2009, the Bellin Run was among the top 10 largest timed 10K races in the nation. In 2010, a record 18,398 people registered for the event. The course is United States Track and Field certified and the run is sanctioned by the Athletics Congress.

Many features have been added to the run over the years such as computerized chip timing, wave starts, preferred starting positions for faster runners, Internet streamlined video of the finish, post race refreshments, entertainment along the course, an All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti Dinner, and a free Health Expo the night before the run.


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