Audi Driver - Shocking Accident at 24h of Le Mans

Allan McNish Crash at 24h of Le Mans

Audi may have dominated the qualifying session of the 24 Hours Le Mans, but suffered a setback early in the race when the R18 TDI that started from 5th place and was at the time being driven by Allan McNish, had a terrible accident. The incident occurred about an hour in the race at the Dunlop curve when McNish tried to overtake a slower Ferrari 458 Italia.

However, the Scotsman seemingly misjudged the situation, the two cars collided and the Audi, after crossing the sand trap, smashed the barrier and destroyed. The crash resulted in metal, tires and carbonfibre flying all over the place - too close for comfort to the spectators, marshals and photographers who were present.

Luckily, no one seemed to be hurt – not even McNish, who was able to walk away on his own after getting out from the wreckage that, moments earlier, used to be an R18 TDI.

The following video shows the brutality of the accident


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