TFLN - Text From Last Night

Texts From Last Night (TFLN) is a regularly updated blog that re-posts short text messages submitted by its users. The site tends to post texts that are shocking or scandalous.

The texts are sent in by people who wake in the morning "to find regrettable messages sent to or from their mobile phones". The receiver then sends the discovered text into this website. The copies of the messages do not show the phone numbers, but only area codes. Since the texts are often similar to late night drunk dials, they're often graphic and sexual in nature, thus not safe for work.

 From a sociological perspective, the website is a "living document of twentysomething life in 2009". While TFLN has many "blackout drinking, sex, and vomit stories", there is also an extended discussion taking place about morality. The texts show how humans "interact with drugs and alcohol". "We see the cause and effect of last night’s party, and we can see a real-time weighing of these actions." However, there is concern that peoples' actions and texts will be affected by the existence of the website and its popularity.

Texts From Last Night also has mobile applications for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone to browse and submit text messages.


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