Tips to choose old-timer insurance

Although the choice for insurance frequently based on the premium, which charges the insurance company, it is judicious also to the remaining conditions look at. THE FEHAC (federation historical motorcar and engine bicycle clubs), have defined eight requirements to which an old-timer insurance would have satisfy: in a study into old-timer insurance:

1. No age discrimination of the insured person/driver.
2. Recognition of club appraisals.
3. None cross-belt sale with the daily car.
4. Altijd-terug-garantie after an accident of the vehicle.
5. Good regulation of airframe damage.
6. Free choice where the vehicle is repaired.
7. Recovering the vehicle after totals damage must be possible.
8. No restrictions of the cover during to go for a ride at. 

Particularly in the two last called points in the old-timer insurance by many insurance companies, restrictions are imposed. Of course, the choice for an old-timer insurance is an assessment of the personal situation. Remaining aspects beside previously mentioned aspects the following questions are important: 

• The number of kilometers that takes off you per year in your traditional vehicle?
• The use: only hobbymatig or as daily transport means? Although the FEHAC believe that is intended old-timer insurance for historical vehicles, which are not use as daily transport means, there be, however, societies, which permit use daily.
• The age of the vehicle? Nearly all societies accept vehicles parent then 25 years, some also (certain) vehicles, which are younger than 20 years.
• Risk that you want cover. WA (third party liability), fire/robber stable or (restricted) airframe cover, accidents cover for incident, legal assistance? Mostly it is judicious for a form of airframe cover choose because a WA cover only covers the damage of the adversary and you yourself get nothing paid at debt damage. 

Proposers of old-timer insurance We recommend you at approximately 3 proposers a tender for an old-timer insurance, application so that you can compare these on premium and on above points. At much of insurers mentioned below you can calculate directly online the premium, a without engagement tender to request and your old-timer insurance online to conclude. 

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