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News about Malinda dee aka MD worker who broke Citibank customers' funds amounted to 17 Billion now being a hot topic of conversation on the internet. MD has a high rank at Citibank and worked at Citi Landmark. Many say Melinda Dee is RM aka Relationship managers who build relationships with Citibank customers.

The case of embezzlement a Citibank customer now still under investigation by the police. MD has also been caught but it seems there are still many people who are curious about who is Malinda Dee? Since malinda dee sexy photos was displayed in the famous forum Indonesia, it seems even more a comment about her beauty. I admit it does melinda dee sexy especially her huge breasts.

Malinda is a senior Citibank employee. It is estimated he had worked in foreign banks was about 15 years.

"A year ago, her position was Senior Relations Manager, with the rank of vice president. This is the highest rank for Citibank employees, "said the source who had several years working at the bank.

Malinda Dee used to be an account officer (AO) in the Citibank branch Landmark. The clients officials and rich people, especially indigenous entrepreneurs. "To my knowledge, Malinda had a very good achievement," said he had one office with Malinda's.

"She was very senior and became a role model for good management at Citibank customers. What I hear, She's already working on Citibank already 15 years, "said another source. Everyday, She go to office with driving a luxury car. One was a car Mercedes S 300.

Because of her achievements, Malinda Dee became Senior Relations Manager Citigold. So, She did specifically to handle large customers who have deposits over Rp 500 million.

During this time, Malinda Dee known as a good woman, smiling and speaking very polite. "SHe's good at and expertly manage relationships with customers Citigold, because she has long been at Citibank. How softly spoken, polite, smiling, either, "he said.

Therefore, these sources said Malinda Dee was surprised to hear the police arrested the alleged embezzlement of customer funds. "All employees who worked at Citibank Landmark, must know her," he said.

The source also admitted that Malinda Dee is beautiful and has an interesting posture, although there are oblique information circulating among staff about that beauty. Malinda age also still confusing. "Some say she was about 37 years, but some say she's actually about 45 years of age. I do not know exactly, "he said.

The police revealed the case of embezzlement of customer funds at Citibank on Friday (03/25/2011) to the consolidated customer. Police have arrested Malinda Dee and confiscated several items of evidence, among other transaction documents and 1 unit of the Hummer brand car-3 Luxury Sport Utility B 18 DIK an estimated worth of USD 3.4 billion.

Malinda Dee snared article 49 paragraph 1 and 2 of Law No. 7 of 1992 as amended by Act No. 10 of 1998 on banking and / or Article 6 of Law No. 15 of 2002 as amended by Act No. 25 of 2003 as amended by Law No. 8 of 2010 on the follow- money laundering.

Citibank has submitted its release on this case. Citibank ensure protection for its clients related to the case of embezzlement of Rp 17 billion fund it. Citibank confirms all customers secure and will be reimbursed for the disadvantaged.

"It is our commitment to protecting our customers' interests, including immediately restore the losses suffered by customers who lost through unauthorized transactions in their accounts in a fair and timely manner," said Corporate Affairs Director, Country Head of Citi Indonesia, Ditta Amahorseya in a press release, Monday (28/03/2011) yesterday.

He explained the events of embezzlement by Malinda Dee is an event that only happens in one place and the Citibank had acted quickly to contact all customers who may be adversely affected. "We cooperate with all relevant authorities. Staff were involved no longer work on us, "says Ditta.

However, Ditta could not comment further on this case, because it is still under investigation. In a release, Ditta also does not explain the identity of Malind Dee, including a history of working on Citibank.

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