Jennifer Lopez | World's most beautiful woman in People magazine

Age does not reduce the beauty of Jennifer Lopez. At the age of 41 years old - actress and singer was actually crown as the world's most beautiful woman in People magazine. A popular artist with the name of JLo is of course proud of the award.

Latin blooded woman has become the prettiest after defeating a number of other celebrities who also signed as a candidate 'World Most Beautiful of 2011'. They are Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore. One of the judges of American Idol was deeply shock by the award, which he achieved it.

jennifer lopez

"I feel honored," she said as quoted by Aceshowbiz JLo, Friday, April 15, 2011.

Be beautiful, she says, is part of his job as an artist. She said not easy to look beautiful. Need to work hard for it. Nevertheless, the chanter 'On the Floor' is actually felt pretty when her without makeup.

"That's when I most feel good. Just could touch my face, rubbed my eyes, and use a finger to straighten my hair. In addition, do not worry about overlooked. And that's when I feel happier," she said.

Meanwhile, actress Emma Stone who also signed the list admitted to not believe in it. He also spoke about her are very obsessed with being thin.

"I'm going crazy while flying here and tell you I never thought about it. But, I can not beat myself about it," she said

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