Holbox | Black Hole in Earth

A South Korean satellite taking pictures on an island in Mexico, known as the depth of the hole named Holbox or Black Hole (Black Hole).

Space.com reported (4/16/2011), this photo was taken by the Korean satellite, the Multi-purpose Satellite 2 or called Kompsat-2. In the satellite images that appear Holbox Island and Laguna Yalahau in northeastern Mexico's Yucatan Strait.

Holbox Island Long Island has 42 miles, separated by a lagoon from the main island. "Fresh water is always around the lagoon has a hole in the island and make the water look liked black," said the European Space Agency, which collaborated with the mission Kompsat-2 mission, as released in a written statement.

"That is called Holbox which in Mayan language means a black hole and is named for the black water in the lagoon," said the staff at the European Space Agency.

Holbox Island is at the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean meeting. Meetings of this type of water create a nutrient-rich environment for marine life in those locations.

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