Casey Haynes | Fight against Bullying in His School

Scenes of violence carried out by Casey Haynes, 16, and Ritchard Gale, both of them are one school. Gale hit Casey first but then fights does not seem balanced, Casey with his big body easily lift smaller Gale's body into the air and slammed to the ground. A fight that was exhibited by two children are exactly same with the scene in WCW.

"A fight involving two schoolboy in Sydney School, Chifley College. A boy slam to the ground. "

Why this fight could happen? According quoting Casey Haynes interview with one television station in Australia, Casey said he Had been bullied since early primary school, describing Himself as "an easy target" Because he never retaliated.

"He (Ritchard Gale) and others Would come up and slap me across the back of the head tease me and all that," Casey said Haynes.

"All I wanted was (for the bullying), just to stop."

"Everything just built up for three years and anger Came out," A Current Affair he toll.

"I wasn't really thinking. I was just like, 'Yay. Finally it's over'."

The video, the which was taken off of YouTube, has gone viral worldwide, Spawning dozens of websites and facebook pages congratulating Casey Haynes for fighting back

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