Bronx Zoo Cobra

A cobra is lost from the Bronx Zoo became celebrities on Twitter. This snake also has more than 10 thousand followers on Twitter.

Zoo workers believe poisonous Egyptian cobra was still in the reptile cage. But perhaps this cobra too scared because a lot of movement around him and made ​​him not want to move.

"Now the snake game. Like fishing, you give the bait and wait. Our best strategy is patience so that he would come out of hiding by itself," said the zoo was quoted as saying by the New York Times.

Reptile cage was immediately closed when the snake disappeared. "reptile cage area itself is very complicated due to the pump, motor and other mechanical systems," said Zoo Director James J. Breheny.

In this complex environment, this snake will remain in hiding and will not move until he feels safe, he added. When the comfort level rises, this snake will move around the building to search for food and drink.

On Monday, on Twitter, the word 'Bronx Zoo' and 'Cobra' to the top keywords. In fact, there is an account that is named BronxZoosCobra joke. Loss account which tells the journey this snake had got 75,000 followers

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