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Do you want to have blonde hair? there are 2 ways you can do in order to have blonde hair. First, dye your hair yourself or you can go to a professional hairdresser. But to get better results, go to a professional hair stylist is the solution.

A blonde hair style cans range from light platinum to dark golden blonde. This Page Provides photos and descriptions of different blonde shades. Get the best blonde for your buck!

 Multi-tonal blonde.
This color has a bit of everything. Foil highlights were added in every one of the above mentioned tones. It's a bit too much.

If this were my client, I'd recommend we add a level 8 color gloss over top which would not affect the darker tones. It'd add a bit more darkness to the lightest pieces and create more harmony. She'd still have a multi-tonal blonde, but it wouldn't be so reminiscent of a calico cat.

Stick with a maximum of three colors when foiling for a multi-tonal effect.

 Neutral slightly golden blonde.
An all over medium dark, slightly golden toned blonde. This shade works very well with a warm skin tone.

Gold tones are always better when they lean toward the neutral end of the spectrum. Too much gold can look brassy and artificial.

When choosing a hair color (if you're doing it yourself) ALWAYS take into account your underlying pigment. If you choose a golden blonde off the shelf and apply it to your hair with an orange-yellow underlying pigment, you'll end up with a VERY bright, brassy gold color.

 Platinum blonde hair style. 
 This shade can only be achieved by bleaching and toning the hair.

It's best for shorter hair styles because of the damage bleaching hair to this degree causes. The ends of long hair have been around, exposed to the elements for at least a year or two. They'd look awful after being so severely bleached.

 Ash blonde hair style. 
  A combination of light blonde highlights and ash toned lowlights create a nice multi-tonal blonde.

This is the best way to use ash tones. An all-over ash color can look greyish, but breaking it up by only using the ash for lowlights looks great!

Yellowish-blonde hair style.
A light blonde with a slightly yellowish tone. You'll notice the yellow if you enlarge the image and compare it to the ash or platinum above.

This is about as much yellow as a blonde should have before it starts looking brassy. If you look closely, you'll see that the yellow tones are broken up with platinum blonde highlights.

Golden blonde with light blonde highlights. 
The highlights are nicely placed and the tone blends well with the golden shade of the darker color. Just a few foils in the top layer of your hair can add great impact and work well to break up a solid color.

 Sandy blonde hair style. This dark blonde compliments cooler skin tones. It's very neutral, but without the gold in the photos above.

If you opt for a color like this, make sure the cut has some texture and personality. Otherwise your hair could look a bit drab.

A few skinny foils 1 or 2 shades lighter would be a nice addition to break up this color and add some dimension.

Hair care tips for dyed blondes:
  • Use shampoo and conditioner formulated to prolong the color.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals such as chlorine or other strong substances that can react with the dye.
  • Use color touch ups to keep the color consistent as roots grow out.
  • Use moisturizing hair care products to repair damage from harsh dye jobs.

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